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Choosing Hope Amid Depression

The CRH Memorial Event (previously known as RFYL) began to remember and honor our brother, son, father, uncle, husband, nephew, grandson, cousin, friend - Chad. Our Suicide Awareness Event was born out of a deep sense of wanting to help as many people as possible struggling with depression, negative thoughts of suicide or mental health issues. The original plan was to have a 5K and 10K run to bring our community together to support one another. We all know exercise is important for our mental health. Amazingly, it has grown into an all day event with enormous support from our community. We are excited to be in our third year already! It is our goal to continue bringing this event back every year to enable people to honor loved ones lost, loved ones struggling, friends or themselves.

There is much to learn and share; our mission is simple, bring awareness to mental health and open the lines of communication. If you are struggling, we want you to know you are not alone. If you have lost a loved one, we are here to support and comfort you. As we grow, we continue to build relationships with others around us and find that there are many who have been impacted in one way or another by suicide, depression or other mental health struggles. The only thing that is consistent is that it can impact ANYONE.

Join us for a very important day dedicated to breaking the stigmas surrounding mental health. 

Why the lotus flower?


To honor and remember the loved ones we've lost

The lotus flower grows out of muddy waters. The flowers’ roots anchor it in the mud, but the flower rises above its murky environment, blossoming beautifully, opening one petal at a time. It overcomes the material world and emerges from the muddy waters of suffering to reach enlightenment and wisdom.

The flower also represents new beginnings. The flower emerges in the morning, only to close up at night and disappear back into the water. Each morning, a new blossom re-emerges and continues the cycle. The lotus is also an excellent example of remaining true to yourself and who you are. Regardless of the murky waters and environment, the lotus remains grounded, proud of what it is and yet still a part of its environment.